School Outline


GIS Gunma international School


  • GIS


  • Hiroshi Tanaka

Executive director

  • Kazunori Yoshizawa

Affiliated Schools

  • Columbia International School
  • Blue Dolphins
  • Maple Nursery School
  • Friend Kodomoen
  • Buddy & Columbia International School

Mission Statement

~~A More Global World~~

 Recently in the city of Maebashi—the capital of Gunma Prefecture—the internationalization effect has become apparent. It is not uncommon to see persons from other countries in the city.
With the city’s changing international environment, GIS stands proud to use the motto “Challenge Your Dream”. Giving children the opportunity to learn English through sporting and other enjoyable activities will ensure they have the ability to achieve their dreams and successfully join the international community in the future. By teaching children to speak and understand English fluently, we feel this will allow them to become better citizens of the world. Additionally, we hope that by teaching our young children to be fluent English speakers, there will come the additional effect of transforming Maebashi into a more international city.

~A Unique System for Connecting Motivation~~

 Our school follows a unique system for teaching and motivating children. When children are young and growing rapidly, it is the best time for them to learn languages and remember what they have been taught. The reason for this is described in the “Health Japan 21”, a program promoted by the Japanese government which states, “Forming the habit of using English on a daily basis is best done when a child is in the early stages of development”, resulting in a child’s natural acquisition of the English language.
We at Gunma International School greatly value the idea of “habituality”. Listening and speaking are essential elements of any language, and doing so while simultaneously performing physical activities enables children to acquire language on an instinctual level. This is what gives us our unique method of acquiring English through sports programs.
Children love to move their bodies, so it is only natural that sport activities accompany daily learning routines at our school. Our program encourages students to express themselves in English while listening and speaking during sports-styled activities. This method of learning English uses all 5 senses is a great asset for any child needing to pick up language skills, and in addition to contributing to physical growth and health.

~~Realizing Dreams Through Experiences Abroad~~

 The concept of “habituality” has great rewards—if the habit is kept up. Young children can easily learn new things, but if not continued regularly, these habits are quickly forgotten and the knowledge and skills are lost.
To avoid this problem, our school ensures children consistently use English on a daily basis. This allows their minds to retain and keep information fresh and ready to recall.
GIS-Gunma International School hopes that children who study English daily will have a perfect command of the language once they finish their studies so that afterwards, they may use these skills in their daily life and abroad. Studying abroad is a superb experience where in they will be able to understand different values such as diversity of ideas, people and cultures while still finding pride in the unique customs and practices of their home cultures.
GIS-Gunma International School also offers an after-school program that allows graduate pre-school students to continue the process of learning English until they reach the age at which they can study abroad. We hope you allow your children to “connect” our school’s English learning environment to their global-minded ambitions and take a step forward to the their future goals and dreams.