Staff Introduction

CIS Principal
Barrie McCliggott


Our Mission

Gunma International School fosters the personal growth of each individual student, instills a sense of social awareness and encourages respect for achievement. The school strives to develop powers of critical and creative thought, preparing its students both for demands of post-secondary education in North America’s finest universities and life as international people. Recognizing the importance of personal development and self-esteem for success in life, the school provides students with varied opportunities for achievement and personal fulfillment through academic studies and co-curricular pursuits.

School Director
Kazunori Yoshizawa

Kazunori Yoshizawa

Hello. I am Kazunori Yoshizawa and responsible for this school.

At GIS-Gunma International School, we ensure a 100% English-immersion education through highly skilled native-speaking instructors with plenty of experience.

Learning English correctly during early childhood is the easiest way to achieve the greatest results, and this school uses a curriculum designed for students to get a firm grasp on English in a stress-free environment while enjoying school activities.

In addition, students not only study English, but also acquire knowledge about responsibilities though activities such as our 6 Basic Manners chant:

6basic manners
・A dutiful attitude, with heart!
・A grateful attitude with heart!
・A can-do attitude with heart!
・A reflective attitude with heart!
・A modest attitude with heart!
・A persistent attitude with heart!

My hope is that students will also learn the value of this Japanese saying—“当たり前の事を当たり前にできるように”—which means “You should always do everything that’s expected.”

Our school will support every student through their English education such that they can grow to be amazing internationally-aware people in the future and can realize their dreams.



Hello. My name is Michael.
I am from a small coastal town in the south of England.
I enjoy teaching children and find it very rewarding to see them grow and develop as they learn.
I hope to see you in class. Let’s learn English together.


Kimberly Sun

Hello! It’s very nice to meet you. My name is Kimberly Sun. But you may call me Kim. I am from Oregon in the US, but I have been living in Japan for about 8 years teaching. I have been teaching at a kindergarten for about 3 years, so I hope to make amazing and fun memories with everyone at GIS.
When I am not fooling around and having fun with everyone, I enjoy cooking and watching tv dramas. Eventually I would like to do a lot more things, but baby steps!
I hope to get along with everyone and making learning fun and adventurous!



Hello everyone. My name is Jesse but you can call me Jess.
I am from the USA. I have lived in Japan for 18 years. I currently live in Takasaki city. I have worked with children of all ages for more than 15 years.
I like reading, taking walks in the country and I also enjoy eating delicious food. I look forward to meeting you all in the future.

Erica Holman

Erica Holman

Hello! My name is Erica Holman and I am from Ontario, Canada.
I've been in Japan for one year and I spent that time teaching English in Kagoshima prefecture. Now I live in Maebashi and I'm really excited to be here!
I enjoy music, theatre, and photography. I also like to make things (cooking, baking, crochet, craft) I am happy to be here at GIS and I look forward to meeting you!



Pleasure to meet you, everyone! My name is Joseph Hunter Hrivnak, but please call me Hunter. I have lived and taught in Japan for almost 4 years now. I am very enthusiastic about science, music, and of course English! My hobbies are playing games, singing, playing the guitar, cello, Japanese drums, and singing as well. I’m looking forward to seeing all of your smiling faces at Gunma International School soon!