Course Introduction

♦Kindergarten Pre-intensive Course(children ages 2 to 3 years old)

Puppy Class 10:00 ~ 14:00

♦Kindergarten Intensive Course

Monkey Class 9:30 ~ 14:00

Pony Class 9:30 ~ 14:00

Bear Class 9:30 ~ 14:00

♦Afternoon Course

Classes for children ages 3 to 6 years old 15:30 ~ 17:30

Classes for elementary school age children 16:20 ~ 18:20

※Please understand that depending on circumstances, schedules may change.

Class Schedule

  • MON
  • TUE
  • WED
  • THU
  • FRI
  • SAT

Staff Introduction

School Principal
Kazunori Yoshizawa

Kazunori Yoshizawa

A brief message from the principal:

Hello. I am Kazunori Yoshizawa and responsible for this school.

At GIS-Gunma International School, we ensure a 100% English-immersion education through highly skilled native-speaking instructors with plenty of experience.

Learning English correctly during early childhood is the easiest way to achieve the greatest results, and this school uses a curriculum designed for students to get a firm grasp on English in a stress-free environment while enjoying school activities.

In addition, students not only study English, but also acquire knowledge about responsibilities though activities such as our 6 Basic Manners chant:

6basic manners
・A dutiful attitude, with heart!
・A grateful attitude with heart!
・A can-do attitude with heart!
・A reflective attitude with heart!
・A modest attitude with heart!
・A persistent attitude with heart!

My hope is that students will also learn the value of this Japanese saying—“当たり前の事を当たり前にできるように”—which means “You should always do everything that’s expected.”

Our school will support every student through their English education such that they can grow to be amazing internationally-aware people in the future and can realize their dreams.

Bruce Allen Schofield

Bruce Allen Schofield



Teacher's Career

Twenty-two years

Teacher’s Comment

Hello. I am a Bruce Scofield. I'm from America.
I am currently living in Ota, Gunma. I am a proud father, I have two daughters ages 17 and 14 years old and a 6 year old son.
I am also married, my wife is Japanese.
As an English teacher, I have taught English to a wide range of ages, from children to adults for more than 20 year!!
I look forward to seeing you at the GIS Gunma International School.

Heidi Benson

Heidi Benson

Teacher’s Comment

Hi, I’m Heidi! Nice to meet you! I am from Maryland in America. This is my 19th year in Japan. I lived in Okinawa and Nagoya before. I like to teach reading, language arts and science. I look forward to getting to know your children this year and watching them grow! Have a nice day!


Jasmine Tsunoda

Jasmine Tsunoda

Teacher’s Comment

“Hello! My name is Jasmine Tsunoda. I am from America. Now I live in Agaki Town. I have lived in Japan for 6 years. I lived in Nagoya and Ogaki, Gifu before Gunma. I am also married. My husband is Japanese. He likes English, too! I like teaching fun English activities. So let’s have fun together!”


Assistant Manager

Yumiko Toga

Staff's Comment

Hello! My name is Maiko!
I have lived in Australia as an exchange student and Hawaii for work. Since returning to Japan, I have been involved in teaching for more than 10 years, as a child English teacher. I have also been involved with training for many teachers when I was the head manager for my previous employer. I love feeling challenged in my daily life but I also love having fun too! So, I look forward to organizing a lot of fun events here at GIS.
Moreover, because I am a mother of two children ages 5 and 1 myself, I would like to be able to watch over your child while being close to and understanding the feelings of the parents of students here at GIS.
We aim not only to speak English, but also to develop true international citizens. We will do our best to ensure that each and every child attending GIS are safe and have a happy place to study. Ensuring that they will continue to be filled happiness and joy allowing their smiles to shine. We look forward to seeing you here at GIS very soon!

Assistant Teacher (Licensed Nursery School and Kindergarten Teacher)
Yumiko Toga

Yumiko Toga

Staff's Comment

My name is Yumiko Toga. I was born and raised in Gunma, and I am a staff member here at GIS-Gunma International School. I assist the school so that children can spend their time learning various subjects in a safe and fun manner and so that parents and guardians can put their children into our care with peace of mind.
My hobbies are traveling and reading.
I look forward to seeing you here at the school.